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The Owl Blue Children's Charity is a UK based charity situated in Maryport, West Cumbria. Established in 2009 with a vision and an aim to tackle problems occurring through social welfare in Cumbria, throughout the UK and to support some small projects overseas.

With the support of our local community and the hard work and dedication from our volunteers we have gradually grown into the charity we are today. Working alongside other charitable organisations and local authorities this once small division now has projects and services throughout Cumbria and nationwide. While the majority of our work is now concentrated on the services in the UK we still continue to support some projects in developing countries such as Tanzania, East Africa and Peru, South America.


We aim to help, support and change the lives of those who need it most. We provide for both children and adults with various disabilities, addictions, illnesses and social and mental issues. 


With the help of our ever-growing support network and counselling services, we have been able to help many individuals each with very different needs. Whatever falls under the umbrella of support for that particular individual we will endeavour to do our best. Many experience difficulties throughout their lives, which is why our help and support is ongoing.


  • We are committed to doing well for those who need it most, we aim to be part of a wider movement for social justice, to provide urgent practical assistance where the need is great regardless of faith, race or nationality.
  • We support, respect and value each other and work without prejudice

We are professionals, proud of our work and diversity and united by a common cause to improve the quality of life for everyone in which we have the power to. 

Ambition, determination and our exceptional team are the base for our charity, many of the high street charities you see today started out as a small division, these are now making a difference that change lives and communities nationwide and in some cases worldwide.

  It takes hard work, support and in some cases hope to change an individual or a circumstance. As a charity, we are accountable to the people we help, our donors and our funders to work with integrity, honesty and efficiency.

Who out there would not want to be part of this bigger picture!

Could you help us achieve this? Can you make a difference?


Owl Blue

Life Should Be Beautiful

Owl Blue Children's Charity at Downing street, along with the Devlin family from Ireland, petitioning the British government to introduce the Bexsero injection, for Meningitis B, into the childhood immunisation program

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Owl Blue Children's Charity         'Life Should Be Beautiful'

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