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Our projects and services are available within Cumbria and throughout the UK, we are not restricted to the services we provide or the projects we involve ourselves with.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of our work, whatever falls under the umbrella of help and support for that particular person we will endeavour to do our best.


With the help of our ever growing support network and counselling services our help is varied, covering many different needs from disabilities, learning difficulties to addictions our support is open to those who need it whether it be children or adults.  Many of these people will experience difficulties throughout their lives which is why our support is ongoing.

Just some of the services we offer range from supplying advice or counselling, helping with everyday general tasks and living, providing medical equipment or finding funding for various items.  We also have a variety of medical equipment that can be loaned out free of charge; these items include wheelchairs, nebulisers and humidifiers.

Some of the equipment we have provided to the people we support

  • Wheelchairs
  • Epilepsy warning equipment
  • Adjustable beds
  • Cool bedding for the bed bound or for long hospital stays
  • Wigs
  • Sensory equipment including lights and toys

Keeping People Warm at Winter

We aim to keep the homes of the elderly and vulnerable kept as warm as possible during the winter months.

Supplying bedding, warm clothes, curtains and draught excluders will keep people warm and keep them alive. It is a privilege to offer this service to the older generation, these are the people that have made a tremendous contribution to their communities over the years and deserve to be treated with dignity.

Autism Workshops

We had some fantastic feedback  from our Autism workshops that were held earlier this year,  led by a local national health practitioner and in association with Maryport based S.H.O.U.T. group these workshops give parents, grandparents and carers the opportunity to gain knowledge, voice concerns and get to know others in similar situations.  Due to the success and demand we plan to run a larger Autism Seminar in early 2016 attended by international class speakers.


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We are currently involved with a variety of awareness projects, highlighting the dangers and symptoms of various diseases, illnesses and social problems. Our very latest awareness poster campaign is " Daniel's Story" hilighting the symptoms and dangers of Meningitis B, we have been visiting local schools, clubs, supermarkets, handing out literature, displaying posters and giving talks. If you would like one of our posters to display, please don't hesistate to contact us.

We believe that too much time, money and effort is spent on various treatments and rehabilitating and not enough on prevention. We are big believers at Owl Blue Children's Charity that prevention is better than cure. So many lives are destroyed needlessly.

Owl Blue's Stuart McDougall, Paula Little and Charlotte Sievewright on a visit to Netherhall School Maryport.



Your religion, your disability, your sexual orientation, you’re different to others, does this matter? we aim to help stamp out bullying, social injustice and aim to set a culture of social tolerance.  We are all human beings; we are all different so why can't we all live together?.SafePlaceSticker

All too often, hate incidents or crimes go unreported, many victims live with the unacceptable actions of others, they believe the incident may not be serious enough to report or they lack confidence in the police and criminal justice system. In many cases' they don't recognise that they have been a victim and class it as part of everyday life and something they have to live with.  If incidents go unreported and perpetrators go un challenged these situations will never be resolved and have the potential to get worse.  Our Maryport office\shop is now part of Cumbria Constabulary's Hate Crime Self Report Scheme, where as a third party we can record and report incidents on behalf of the victim.  All reports are taken and kept in complete confidence and reported to Cumbria Constabulary. We are also registered as a "Safe Place" centre, this is particularly aimed at children and vulnerable adults that may find themselves lost or distressed for any reason. 


We aim to make the dreams of deserving youngsters throughout the UK come true.  Although this goes in a different direction to other projects at Owl Blue it’s fast becoming an important part of our work.  As with all of our support we have no limits on the children we help, they may have a terminal illness, recovering from an illness or disease or maybe disabled.  This could be in the form of a holiday of a life time or  a pop concert of their favourite artist, the choice is theirs.  (All requests are taken on merit.)


At Owl Blue Children's Charity we believe we have a moral obligation to help others, this includes people in developing countries. We have been involved in a variety of developments over the years including  improving schools, agriculture, including installing a drip irrigation systems (as pictured opposite), water projects and disease awareness but future projects we will be concentrating on improving 'quality of life' in both adults and children.


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