• Owl Blue’s aim is to provide you with the information, guidance and strategies that will enable you to confidently self-help and understand those around you with hidden disabilities. We understand that people with hidden disabilities often have difficulties which affect themselves, those closest to them, those that share their lives i.e. families, partners, parents, schools and work environments.

  • Owl Blue provides professional advice and strategies on hidden disabilities through qualified professional practitioners and consultants.

  • For parents/carers and families this can be arranged by a confidential 1:1 consultation at our Wood Street premises in Maryport, by telephone or social media platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom. These are provided free of charge.

  • For large organisation, employees, LA, Health professionals and voluntary organisations this information can be distributed in group sessions, large or small. This can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Owl Blue provides professional advice, guidance and strategies on hidden disabilities...